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Book Reviews


Parker Pig’s adventures are easy to follow and offer fun suggestions for getting on the mat.
Illustrator Patrick Girouard captures the bright energy of the yoga experience.  Read the full article here. 
~ by Felicia M. Tomasko, LA YOGA Magazine


"Yoga isn’t about touching toes or encountering a spiritual experience.
For Stacey Alysson, it’s about mindfulness and stillness, but try teaching that to 300 kids every week."
Read the full article here. ~ Sarah Pineda,, April 23, 2018

This sweet and playful story is a delightful journey through a yoga class with Parker Pig and her yoga friends. It is a perfect accompaniment to practice designed for children ages two through eight. Read the full article here.
~ by Felicia M. Tomasko, LA YOGA Magazine

“Our customers love Parker Pig! Such a cute and fun introduction to yoga for little ones.
So many products these days are screen-focused, it is great to see a book that gets kids up and moving!”
~ Jillian Wahlquist, VP, Tom’s Toys of Beverly Hills

"Parker Pig goes to Yoga is a fun and interactive book with a GREAT message for kids of all ages."
~ Lennie Rohrbacher, Community Business Development Manager, Barnes & Noble

"Are you a teacher or a care provider that would like to implement a yoga class in your classroom? Or maybe you are a parent that would like to start a home practice with your children. SF Yoga Magazine has the perfect way to introduce yoga into your child’s life; Parker Pig Goes to Yoga!"  Read the Full Article Here.
~By Nikita Mehta, SF YOGA MAG


cartoon frog sitting on a yoga mat


stacey allysson in yoga studio
stacey allysson in yoga studio


Stacey Alysson is a certified yoga instructor and mother residing in Beverly Hills, California. She is passionate about teaching children and sharing the gift of yoga through storytelling, specializing with children 2 to 8 years of age.

Stacey completed her teacher training at Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills. She teaches yoga to over 300 kids a week at a local Los Angeles preschool. Stacey holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science from the University of Maryland and has worked with children at hospitals including Children’s Hospital and NIH.